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Norbert Stolorz a man of the Ruhr region
Successful Pigeon fancier on the south east direction!

Norbert Stolorz lives in Recklinghausen, Germany. This region in the Ruhr area is well known for pigeon racing, here it is one of the biggest rivalries in the pigeon sport in Germany. Norbert Stolorz tears in the RV Herne-Wanne 1900. This Union was in the last years as the largest Union in Germany! Attached is the RV Herne-Wanne 1900 for regional associations 403 Bochum.
Travel direction is the hard South-East direction. The game is played according to the total widowhood.

The greatest success!
In 2012 : 33 German Champion (Youngsters)
In 2013 : 1 & 2 National Winner Osterhofen (523 KM) Zone 1 against 14.225 birds

The 2nd Race of Ruhr was liberated in Osterhofen. A fantastic performance for Norbert Stolorz from Recklinghausen. He won with his Top hen “MISS NATIONALE” the 1. Prize & with hen “NATIONALE II” the 2. Prize in Zone against 14.225 birds. In the whole competition he won 3.& 4. Prize against 28.178 birds!
Norbert Stolorz with”MISS NATIONALE” – 1. winner Zone Osterhofen 14.225 birds!


He belongs to the Top fanciers in the Rhine area and is one of the leading lofts of the Union Herne Wanne 1900. Year after year is Norbert confirming this matter of fact. At the 2nd. Race of the Ruhr from Osterhofen (523 KM) he made an outstanding performance again and won the 3rd. & 4th. vs. 28.178 birds. Highlight, of course, the blue yearling hen 02341-12-250 “Miss Nationale”, beside the 3rd. Place in the big list, she also won the 1st. (Zone 1) vs. 14.225 birds

“Ludo Deluxe 770”

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